Writers of The History of the United States (Season 45) leave viewers with season cliffhanger


Writers working on Season 45 of The History of the United States have left viewers with a cliffhanger following the news that the President and his wife have contracted COVID19.

Season 45 has been the highest-viewed season of the show, and has divided the nation for over 4 years.

A writer on the show told WalesOnCraic:

“George RR Martin couldn’t have written this better himself. This team of writers has had viewers glued to their seats since the very first episode. Other season of this show have come and gone, mostly forgotten now. But this season’s been a cracker. Our writing team has surpassed itself. We always knew we wanted a season finale and we always like to keep a cliffhanger up our sleeves. We’ve held off using the COVID card but we feel it’s the right time now – just before the debates and the elections.”

Donald Trump and his wife have both tested positive for COVID after visiting several superspreader events across the US.

Writers of the show said that they’re going to ramp up the pressure over the next two weeks to keep the audience in the dark.”

Season 45 of the show ends in early November.

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