Woman uses gym membership card for first time in 10 months

A woman has used her gym membership card for the first time in 10 months – to clear the ice from her windscreen.

Betty LardArse joined the gym in March 2014 when she realised that she couldn’t fit through her front door. She was given a plastic credit card sized membership card which she kept in her purse.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I only ever used the gym once and that was to use their toilet because I was passing and really needed a wee. I like to keep the gym membership card in my purse so that if I ever go out on a date, the fella will think that I like to keep fit. I wasn’t expecting to find another use for my card until this morning when I found my car covered in frost. It was very exciting pulling it out – it looked all shiny and new although it looked a state by the time my windscreen was clear.”

Betty plans to keep her windscreen frost-free in the future by putting a blanket across her car.

“I just hope no gippos come and nab it. It’s a top quality blanket.”

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