Woman breaks wrists clapping hands for the NHS

A local woman told of her suffering after wanting to be the last person to stop clapping in support of the NHS.

Mrs Deborah Mumbles, 44 1/2, explained how in previous weeks she had been the penultimate one to stop but now wanted to show how much more supportive she was than anyone else.

“My neighbour was always the last to finish,” she told WalesonCraic, “So everyone thought she loved the NHS the most. But it’s not true. I love them just as much. If not a bit more.”

After clapping for 1 hour and 42 minutes, Mrs Mumbles started to feel pain in hands as well as in her legs, shoulders knees and toes.

He husband eventually managed to stop her by putting a blown up crisp packet between her hands.

“The loud bang caused her to stop,” he told us. “It also made her wet herself a bit.”

The unfortunate consequences of the clapping has meant that Mrs Mumbles is now in hospital with broken wrists.

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