Wife give medal to husband for doing the hoover


A woman from Tredegar has presented her husband with a gold medal after he did the hoover without asking.

Tina Turbotits presented husband Tim with his medal in a ceremony they held in their living room.

Tina told WalesOnCraic:

“I came home from dogging to find Tim hoovering the lounge, which was most unlike him. I didnt’ say anything in case it disturbed him from what he was doing – I just watched from the hallway. After doing the lounge, he did some of the hallway but stopped when he got to the pile of shoes. Even so, I was amazed at what he was doing so when I finally announced that I was home, and he came out to tell me what he’d done, I told him I’d give him a medal.

“Later that night, I set up a little podium in our living room and once Coronation Street had finished, I asked him to stand on the podium. We sang the national anthem, I presented him with his medal, and then we watched Bangers and Cash because I’d taped it from earlier in the day.”

Tim said:

“This is the first thing I’ve ever won in my life and I’m so glad I decided to do the hoover. I’m planning on doing our bedroom next but I’ll need to wait until Tina picks up all her clothes off the floor before I do that.”

Tim will be taking his medal down The Three Bells to show his mates tomorrow.

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