Welsh women told to reduce methane emissions to help climate


Women in Wales have been asked to reduce their methane emissions to help control the current climate crisis.

Welsh women have been identified as emitting the densest recorded methane emissions in the UK.

A spokesman for the Welsh Government told WalesOnCraic:

“We all like to think of our lovely ladies as being squeaky clean but we can’t hide from the evidence that our girls are pumping more crap into the atmosphere than all the heavy industries in Wales put together. The lads have already been told that they’ll face heavy fines if they continue floating nasty-smelling air biscuits into the air. It’s now down to the females of this country to face up to the fact that they have responsibilities too. While we’re at it, we’re going to ask everyone to plug their pets’ arseholes too.”

Methane levels from Welsh women total 3bn tonnes a year, most of which are emitted after heavy meals.

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