Wetherspoons locals to star in new Terrahawk series


Customers from a local Wetherspoons pub are to star in a new series of the popular Terrahawk show.

Revellers from the Newport pub were asked en masse by the show’s producers to star in the new show last night.

One local told WalesOnCraic:

“We was sat having a drink, minding our own business when these creative type of people came in. You could tell that they were creatives because you could smell them before you saw them. They came in and bought some Babycham and then started looking around at the surroundings. It felt like we were being eyed up and after a few minutes, one of them came over to us and asked us if we drank her often. I thought he was after my body because I get this all the time in Wetherspoons.

“But he went on to explain that he was making a new Terrahawk series and that we all looked ideal for parts they’d planned for their new series. They told us that they wouldn’t pay us much because of Brexit but they said that we’d be featured in all the local newspapers. I loved the Terrahawks when I was younger. My favourite character was Zelda because she looked like my missis.”

Bar manager Gary Arsehole said:

“They just told us to stop the music and asked everyone in one go. They all said yes.”

Filming of the new series starts next month.

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