Welsh Rugby Fans Admit Loyalty Issues As Wales Football Team Move Up to 10th In FIFA Rankings

Wales have risen to 10th spot in the new FIFA World Rankings, meaning that people who normally prefer rugby will now take up part-time positions as football fans.

The Welsh team have been rewarded for their unbeaten run so far in the Euro 2016 qualifiers but it’s left a lot of rugby fans with loyalty issues.

Welsh Football Armchair Coach, Tyrone Shellsuit, told WalesOnCraic:

“It looks like the boys have taken on board all the things I’ve told them over the years and they’ve come good. What we’ll see now is a load of welsh rugby fans pretending that they’re Welsh football fans. Tenth spot is pretty good and I’m sure people like Neville Southall and Ian Rush will be delighted to hear the news. I’m off down the offy now for some lager and a pack of Trebor mints. Do you want anything?”

Part-time footballer Giles Bonyknee added:

“The boys have inspired me to get out of bed today. Sadly, England are 9th – I would have liked to have seen the Welsh boys ahead of England but our time will come.”

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