Welsh nationalists claim English sheep are bringing COVID to Wales


Welsh nationalists have claimed that English sheep are bringing COVID to Wales by sneaking over the border and breathing on people.

Street defence group Wales First said that both of its members are going to patrol the 160 mile border to stop English sheep bringing the virus into the country.

The group’s Defence Minister, Gwilym ap Gwilym, told WalesOnCraic:

“I seen them with my own eyes. They just wander in over the border like as if they lives here. I know that they’ve got COVID because they feel really hot when you handle them. I watched one wander into one of the nearby villages and a few weeks later, everyone had COVID. Me and Sheila are suiting up and we’re going out tonight to patrol the border. Our Welsh Assembly’s not going to do it because they’re too busy worrying about the bin collections. So we’re going to do it ourselves.”

Local councillor Gary Gumboots said that there was no need for Wales First to get involved.

“It’s ok. We put up a fence last week. That’ll stop any virus sheep coming here.”

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