Welsh Fans Rush To Change Names To Bruce And Sheila By Deed Poll

Solicitors across Wales have been inundated with requests by rugby fans to change their names to either Bruce of Sheila.

The requests come ahead of the Rugby World Cup showdown between Australia and England on Saturday – the winner of which is most likely to go through to the Quarter Finals.

Solicitor Kevin LoadsaMoney told WalesOnCraic:

“Usually, I just sit around on my arsehole all day and get paid £500 an hour for doing it but today, I’ve been rushed off my feet. We’ve had name change requests by deed poll from tens of thousands of Welsh fans who are wanting to become Australian overnight. I’ve passed a lot of the work on to my PA as I’m off playing golf this afternoon.”

One fan, who wants to change his name to G’day Dingo Bruce Strewth Jones said:

“I feel obliged to be Australian as I can’t bear the thought of England going through and us not. If they do beat the Aussies, that means we’ve got to beat them and that’s a tough ask, especially given our record against them. I’d prefer it if England went out tomorrow so we can all gloat over the weekend.”

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