Welsh fans research Scottish roots

Welsh rugby fans have been researching their Scottish roots ahead of the crunch game against France on Friday.

Wales need Scotland to stop France to hand Wales this year’s Six Nations title, which Wales narrowly missed out on when it all went tits up on Saturday.

One Welsh fan told WalesOnCraic:

“I’m sure I’ve got some Scottish heritage somewhere. I know my nan ate a haggis once. Does that count? I’ve also went to Glasgow once on a train. But that’s only because I fell asleep and forgot to get off at Birmingham. I’ve sent off one of those DNA test things online to see what Scottish I’ve got in me and whatever I find, that’ll be cheering on Scotland. Hopefully, the French will be feeling cocky and implode like they do sometimes. I’m happy to call myself Scottish for one day,” he said.

Wales do currently have a points advantage to take this year’s title but as we saw last weekend, that could all go to shit.

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