Welsh Armchair Coach Dismisses Resignation Calls and Urges A Welsh Win in Scotland

Armchair rugby coaches across Wales are calling on their Welsh team to get a much-needed win up in Scotland.

Head Armchair Coach, Jerry Fatarse, faced calls for resignation by his wife last week after the Welsh team were beaten at home by an under-strength England side.

Speaking from his armchair in Caerphilly, Fatarse told WalesOnCraic:

“Obviously the lads will have to pick themselves up after the last game which was a crock of shit. I’ve had a word with the lads, in my mind, and I’ve told them that they need to buck their ideas up. Going up to Scotland is never easy but if Scotland play crap like they used to, we could be in with a chance.”

Armchair coaches will be hoping to see an improved performance from a Welsh side that needs to win to keep alive any title hopes. Wrexham Head Armchair Coach, Dai Dingledick said:

“I’ll be shouting at the telly so hopefully the lads will be able to hear me and listen to my expert advice.”

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