Shane Williams To Teach Zumba In Barry After Announcing Full Retirement From Rugby

Former Wales winger Shane Williams is set to become a Zumba instructor in Barry after announcing his full retirement from rugby today.

Williams, who will play his last competitive game in Japan, has told WalesOnCraic that teaching Zumba has always been the one ambition that he hasn’t fulfilled. He told WalesOnCraic:

“Yeah, obviously, I love Zumba and obviously, it’s something I’ve always wanted to teach so obviously, I’ll be bringing all my stuff back home from Japan and that and obviously I’ll move to Barry and set up a class obviously. I may call it Shane’s Zumba Class. I might even put an advert in the Barry and District News, just to get a few bums on seats.”

But critics have pointed out that Williams has no intention of setting up a Zumba class at all. Fan Tina Wideflaps said:

“You’ve just made all that up. It’s all a load of bollocks. What ARE you talking about? Please stop making shit up and posting it as real news. Now please stop talking to me. I’m trying to catch up on Stella.”

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