Weather Warning: Shitload Of Thunderstorms Heading For Wales

It looks like we could well be in for another bout of angry thunderstorms as another mass of warm air moves up from the south tomorrow (Friday).

I can’t quite be certain where the storms will hit but when they do, you’ll know about it.
Here’s what the big boss man at the Weather Centre has to say about it all:

“On Friday evening another hot and increasingly humid airmass is expected to spread into the south from the Continent. This airmass looks conducive to the development of isolated thunderstorms during the evening across England and Wales which could become more frequent later in the night as they spread northwards towards Scotland. With large amounts of energy again available in this atmosphere storms could be severe, with torrential downpours and large hail. 30 mm of rain is possible in less than an hour, with as much as 50 mm possible in 3 hours very locally.
Large uncertainty remains regarding areas most at risk from storms, and many areas will miss these altogether, staying largely dry. However, where they do develop, disruption is possible.”

Cwtch up tight Weatherchums!

Derek x

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