Weather experts predict warm weather this summer

Wales can expect warm weather this summer, according to latest reports.

Weather experts say that summer will be warmer than winter and that we may have to wear sunglasses on some days.

Ken Armchair of the Amateur Weather Forecasters Club said:

“We’ve been seeing this pattern emerging for some time now. It seems to get cold in the winter and by summer, we’re seeing temperatures really rise. Last year, things got very warm in the summer months and this led to what we call a ‘heatwave’, which was a prolonged period of time where it was quite warm. Whilst I can’t guarantee that we’ll have another one this year, the likelihood of us having warmer weather is significant. Being a very wise person, I’ve already ordered a fan off Amazon, before the weather picks up and they start hiking the prices up. My wife doesn’t like having the fan on in her bedroom but she smells a bit when she sweats and I can’t go having that again this year. It was bad enough last year.”

Experts predict that the warm weather may see people having to wear sunglasses on some days.

“I don’t doubt that we’ll see it,” said Armchair. “Again, I’m fully prepared so bring it on.”

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