Wasps preparing to be annoying late summer bastards

Wasps across Wales are in preparation to be annoying late summer bastards, according to wildlife expert Chris Fackam.

Wasps traditionally wait until late summer to annoy the shit out of people and generally be pains in the arsehole.

Fackam told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve had reports of wasps having meetings to discuss how annoying they can be this year. After the last year and a half that we’ve all had, the wasps said that they’d like to piss us all off just a little bit more. They’ve got plans to bother people while they’re eating their lunch outdoor, piss people off who are having picnics, and to startle old ladies when they open their windows.”

Wasps are a bit like bees but without much actual point to their existence. They spend most of the year planning to be annoying bastards, before popping out in late August to piss people off.

The Welsh government is looking at ways to rid the country of wasps forever. They’ve created a £50 billion consultation to look at ways of exterminating them. So far, they’ve bought a few cans of wasp spray.

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