Man stays in bed on Welsh Freedom Day


A man from Treharris has celebrated Welsh Freedom Day by staying in bed.

Gary Twococks had been campaigning to end restrictions in Wales since April 2020, but realised that his life was shit before lockdown so has decided to stay in bed.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve been waiting for this day for a year and half. We’ve been told what to do from the start – stay indoors, don’t go to work. At the start of last year, I started campaigning to end these stupid restrictions. I posted a lot on social media and Mark has finally listened to common sense and done away with most of the restrictions. Freedom Day is the day I’ve been waiting for all that time. Sadly, it was only when I woke up and thought about what to do with my newfound freedom, that I realised that my life was shit before lockdown. I’ve therefore decided to stay in bed for the rest of the weekend.”

Gary is also considering taking next week off work.

“I’m also considering taking next week off work,” he added.

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