Wales Set To Be Hit By Locust Plague After Irish Vote For Gay Marriage

Wales is set to be hit by a plague of frogs and locusts sweeping in from Ireland after they voted in favour of same sex marriage.

God has decided to punish those who voted by sending shitloads of critters to the Emerald Isle – but Wales is set to get stung as the plague drifts eastward overnight.

A spokesman for Ireland told WalesOnCraic:

“This is a great day for us benders and to be honest, we really couldn’t give a shit what God or anyone else thinks about it. We’re off down the pub to get shit-faced.”

But many critics, including God, have decided that the majority are wrong and should be punished with frogs and locusts.

God said:

“It’s just not on. Down with this sort of thing.”

The frogs and locusts are set to hit Welsh shores early tomorrow morning as it drifts in from Ireland.

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