Wales on course for ‘Alternative’ Grand Slam

The Welsh men’s national rugby team are still on course to win an ‘alternative’ Grand Slam after falling to Ireland in Dublin yesterday.

The young Welsh team is using this year’s tournament to gain valuable intel on how to beat the other teams in years to come.

Head trainer Guy ‘Guy’ Thunderthighs told WalesOnCraic:

“We’re aiming for an alternative Grand Slam this year. We’re not interested in winning. We’re interested in figuring out the other teams so that in years to come, we can just turn up and win the game without even breaking into a sweat. We don’t talk about wooden spoons in this team. In fact, we ban wooden spoons. My Mam wanted to make some Welsh cakes yesterday and she couldn’t because we’ve banned wooden spoons. She had to go down Kwik Save and buy some of those shitty ones you get on the shelves. She wasn’t happy.”

In other tournament news, Scotland beat England again after spending 70 years figuring out how to beat other teams.

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