Wales can expect drier weather ‘when it stops raining’

Weather experts have warned that Wales will have to wait until the rain stops before we get drier weather.

Rain has been affecting most parts of Wales persistently since time began, but experts have said that drier weather will arrive, once it stops raining.

Chief Weather Expert For Wales, Derek the Weathersheep, told WalesOnCraic:

“It’s been pissing down for what seems like an eternity now but the good news is that drier weather is on its way, one it stops raining. You see, rain makes everything wet because it’s made of water. And of course, we like drier weather because it means that we can get our baps out and tan them in the sun. That won’t be happening anytime soon though because it’s going to keep on raining. And the next dry day that I can see on the horizon will be one of those days when it stops raining.”

Rain curently makes up 100% of the Welsh weather and although it can be good for the ducks, ducks aren’t particularly important members of society. Drier weather will mean less rain, according to the experts.

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