Top 10 Freakiest Welsh Villages

#10 Bedlinog

Bedlinog – The mother of all strange places.

Famous for: Throwing the banjo player from the film Deliverance out of the village because he was too normal. Webbed feet are extremely common in these parts and a carnival is held every year where they burn a resident from nearby Trelewis and feed the remains to their kids. WARNING: Do not enter these parts alone, unless you have slept with your brother and sister or own an elephant gun.

#9 Fochriw

Ozzy Ozbourne was given the ‘Key To The Village’ when he bit a bat’s head off on stage. Sadly they took it back off him when Sharron did X Factor. Ozzy’s son Jack now lives in Fochriw and is a local councillor.

Famous for: Fack All.

#8  Abercwmboi

Abercwmboi is also known as ‘The Village’.

Famous for: Having possibly the ugliest people on the planet. Charles Darwin once visited Abercwmboi and stated that the creatures (locals) he witnessed wondering around the village hadn’t begun to evolve like everyone else on the planet. He confirmed in one of his books that the people of Abercwmboi had yet to evolve into apes. Two-headed people are more common here than in Chernobyl.

#7 Blaenavon

“Blaenavon is where I feel most at home, I have never felt so normal living here” (John Merrick, Elephant Man) 1892.

Famous for:  Building the great wall of Blaenavon which stops the neighbouring people from Pontypool from entering the village. Be warned: Blaenavon people hate outsiders.

#6 Wattstown

“This place just freaked me right out, I have never seen so many angry people with veins bursting out of their necks, and that includes my place” (Lucifer, The Devil) 2007.

Famous For: Tattoos, steroids and more steroids. Also the birth place of the Incredible Hulk.

#5 AberBargoed

Aberbargoed is stuck in a time zone. It’s been groundhog-day every day there since the beginning of time.

Famous for: Their 5 a side football stadium which doubles as a leper colony. Expect to see dinasours still roaming in this area.

#4 Trefil

This village revolves around its rugby team which has an 8-foot long pig as its mascot (this is the truth). The pig is currently banned for biting a committee man.

Famous for: Vampires and werewolves. Also in a survey carried out by no one in particular, it was stated that there are less virgins in Trefil than anywhere else in the world.

#3 Ferndale

“I have never looked so good. I walked into a pub in Ferndale, looked around and thought – Fack me these people are ugly”
(Fred. Krugger) 1990

Famous for: Not a lot.

#2 Rassau

“The people of this village are beyond help, I ended up scrapping in the local pub and that ain’t like me” (Mother Teresa) 1992.

Famous for: Being the film location for that American series V in the 80s where people turned into lizards. Apparently half the cast still live here.

#1 Ynys Y Bwl

“If you go to this village you probably won’t ever leave” (Dai Bartlett. A white Barry White) 2007

Famous for: Having more crazy people per square metre than anywhere else in the world. And a guy called Fernato who died about 15 years ago – The legendary tale of Fernato is one we’ll save for another time.

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