Thousands of Welsh football fans phone in sick for November


Thousands of Welsh football fans have pre-booked their sickness days for November and December.

Employers across Wales have been inundated with ‘pre-booked mystery illnesses’ that cover the entire period of the World Cup.

One shop owner told WalesOnCraic:

“It’s really strange. It’s like they all know that they’re going to be ill months ahead of time. I’ve taken a look at the calendar and they all seem to fall around the same date in November, which is a bit of a shame as that’s when the World Cup is on and I was hoping to have some time off to watch it.”

Wales got through to the 2022 World Cup Finals for the first time in yonks last night.

“We’re expecting most of our staff to come down with a mystery illness around November and most of my staff are already off sick,” added the shop owner.

Wales are odd-on favourites to win this year’s World Cup, according to Gary down the pub.

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