South Wales Woman Aiming To Become ONLY Woman in Wales To NOT Put Heating On Before The End of September

A South Wales woman is hoping to become the ONLY woman in Wales to NOT put her heating on before the end of September.

Alys Slenderthigh from Cardiff told WalesOnCraic:

“A lot of my friends are Facebooking me and telling me that they’re thinking about putting their heating on but they really are mental. I’m sticking things out till the month, even if that means that my pipes freeze and my tits fall off. With energy prices the way they are at the moment, I’m not even thinking of flicking that switch until the month is out.”

Alys, from the Heath area of Cardiff, held out until September 29th last year, but this year, she’s hoping to go one better.

“I’ve got friends in America who are lasting until the end of November. Of course, they do things so much better over there than we do here. But I’m determined to become the only woman in Wales who doesn’t put it on before the end of September.”

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