Mediocre Welsh Singer Set To ‘Slightly Impress’ On Tonight’s X Factor

A mediocre Welsh singer is set to ‘slightly impress’ the judges on tonight’s X Factor.

Tredegar-born, Dan Bigballs, completed his audition a few months back with his rendition of Big Spender, which will be shown tonight on live TV.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“My mum made me look the part – skinny jeans, spiky hair and a denim jacket and all that. I did what she told me to do too – I added lots of ‘woooah yeahs’ and stuff to my song. And then when they asked me what winning the X Factor would mean to me, I told that it would ‘mean the world to me’ and that ‘it’s make or break for me’.”

But the clinching factor for the judges was when Dan started crying and telling the story of how his family had been thrown out of his home by the council and that his mum’s foot had fallen off and that she couldn’t continue her job as trolley collector in Kwik Save because her new fibre glass foot keeps getting stuck in the grating in the car park and her foot keeps coming off and that his dad had died twice, fatally, after eating too many eggs.

“Yeah. Once I turned on the waterworks, they put me through.” said Dan. “I’ve got the film crew coming round next week to film my mum collecting trolleys at Kwik Save and they’re going to film her jamming her foot in the grating and it coming off. Wooooo yeah etc etc.”

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