Welshman hospitalised with laughter after hearing ‘Sheep Shagger’ joke from Englishman

A Welshman has been admitted to hospital after nearly dying from laughter.

Dai ‘Dai’ Davies was told that he was a sheep shagger by a work colleague in London and collapsed with laughter.

Dai told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve never been admitted to hospital with anything before but this joke was SOOOO funny that I almost stopped breathing and I had to have the kiss of life. It all started when this Londoner asked me where I was from because apparently, I had a funny accent. I said that I was from Bridgend and straight away, my mate started making sheep noises. I was confused at first but then he said that I was a sheepshagger. I’d never heard such a funny joke in all my life. He was saying that I shag sheep because I come from Wales. Within a few minutes, I was on the floor being attended to by a paramedic. I think it’s all that alliteration going on and the fact that we have so many sheep in Wales.”

Friends of Dai said that he’s still chuckling about it in hospital even now.

“He can’t get it out of his head,” said his mate, also called Dai.

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