Severn Bridge tolls reinstalled for England game

The recently removed Severn Bridge tolls will be reintroduced this weekend.

Highway officials said the only reason they were being reinstalled was to annoy English rugby fans.

Stan Slipper of the Highways Committee (Bridge Department) told WalesOnCraic:

“When we took the bridge tolls away at the beginning of the year, we were going to take them down the local skip. But one of the girls had a good idea to reinstall them when the English fans came over for the game. We thought we could make a bit of money to spend on our Christmas party this year seeing as we’re unlikely to get one. We’ll charge £10 for cars, £30 for buses and £50 for chariots. We’re going to put them on both sides of the motorway so that they have to pay to get in and pay to get out. That way, we can double our money.”

Tarquin Smythe-Peacock of the England Rugger Lads Fan Club said:

“I think one will take the train this weekend. Having said that, one will be sat with all the riff raff if one does that.”

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