Samaritans on standby as Game of Thrones season ends

The Samaritans are on standby after the latest series of Game Of Thrones came to an end.

Viewers have been plunged into depths of despair since the season finale ended.

Samaritans boss Kevin NiceGuy said:

“We often get this at the end of a season of Game Of Thrones. Last year we had people phoning up and complaining that they had nothing to look forward to. All we could do was remind them that X Factor will be on soon but even that didn’t cut it. We’ve brought some extra people in today as we’re expecting a bit of a surge. I don’t watch it myself but my wife does. I know how addictive it can be. I was sat upstairs while she watched it last night. I think there was a couple on there who were panting and swearing a lot. I think that they must have been moving a heavy wardrobe or something.”

One GOT fan said:

“I’m going back into my hovel until next year. My life is now empty once more. Goodbye.”

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