Queen to announce she’s pregnant this Sunday

The Queen is to use an address to the nation tomorrow to announce that she’s pregnant.

Prince Philip is said to be the father of the child.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace told WalesOnCraic:

“She had been hoping to keep this under wraps and let everyone know on VE Day but with everything going on, she felt that she had to come clean about it all. We believe Philip is the father of the child, although he can’t remember getting his leg over in the last few months. The Queen will therefore be speaking to the nation on Sunday to let everyone know that she’s up the duff.”

News of the Queen’s pregnancy will come as a shock to some, who have questioned whether she’s still been getting action in her autumn years.

“We’re hoping that the nation will rally round her and cheer her on like it’s a good old Trooping of the Colour.”

The Queen is currently 93 and is said to be feasting on chocolate and fish fingers at the palace.

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