Cardiff Airport considering suspending both its daily flights

cardiff airport

Cardiff Airport is considering suspending both its daily flights due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The flights are currently taken by Ken, a business development manager from Caernarfon, and someone else that we can’t be bothered to make up.

A spokeswoman said:

“We’ve been trying our best to keep both our flights going but with all this nasty stuff flying around, we are considering suspending the flights. Ken’s here most days, taking his flights and to be honest, he gets on my tits a bit so it’d be good to cancel his flights so I don’t have to listen to his boring voice droning on and on when he’s at the bar. If we do cancel the flights, we’ll open the airport for another use – maybe as a theme park for people who want to flout the social distancing rules. I dunno. Everyone’s repurposing their businesses these days aren’t they?”

Ken said:

“Couldn’t give a shit if they’re cancelled or not. I’m working from home anyway.”

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