Postmen ‘hide and wait’ until you are out before delivering parcels

Welsh postmen have admitted for the first time that they wait until people are out before they try delivering oversized and signed-for parcels.

It means that people have to visit the sorting office to collect their parcels.

One postman told WalesOnCraic:

“It’s true. We wait until you are out, even if it’s for a few minutes, to try and deliver your parcel. A lot of the other delivery people do the same. A postman colleague of mine hides behind bushes and waits for people to head out. Only yesterday, I hid behind a car and waited for this old woman to pop out and put her wheelie bin out. As soon as I saw her struggling down the garden path, I nipped up to her front door and popped in a ‘Sorry we’ve missed you’ card. It was great fun.”

But other postmen have denied the claims, saying that it’s all just a load of bollocks.

“If you order shit off the internet, that’s either because you’re a lazy twat or because you don’t work. Either way, you should be at home when your parcel arrives.”

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