Penscynor Wildlife Park to reopen as Squid Game Theme Park


Penscynor Wildlife Park is set to make a nostalgic reopening next year, this time with a new theme to entice visitors.

The much-loved park is set to reopen as a new Squid Game Theme Park, where visitors can play games for a cash prize.

New manager Billy Bigballs told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve always felt that Penscynor Wildlife Park was closed too early. People loved the Apline ride and that big bird thing that kept eating people’s ice-creams. Those were the days when people actually had fun. After seeing this thing on Netflix show on telly last week, me and the lads down the pub had an idea to reopen the gaff. Visitors would be able to come and play games for cash prizes. I’ve got my mate Darren down there now, rigging up the machine guns and my sister Betti is going down the Cash-and-Carry to get some candy floss. We think it’ll be a big hit.”

The new theme park is expected to open in March 2022, and expected to close again the following month.

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