Woman cooks correct amount of pasta


A woman from Hirwaun has correctly cooked the pasta she needed for her evening meal.

Emily TrebleGunt had neither too much nor too little pasta when she made her pasta with sausage, basil and mustard dish.

Husband Jonny was quick to notice his wife’s achievement. He told WalesOnCraic:

“I took the plates out to the kitchen to scrape them and looked in the saucepan to scrape that out of excess pasta but it was empty. I called to Emily to see where the leftovers were and she told me that there weren’t any. I then reflected on the meal that I’d just eaten and realised that I was just the right amount of ‘full’. I wasn’t too full and neither was I still hungry. It suddenly dawned on me there and then that my wonderful wife had cooked just the right amount of pasta.”

Jonny was quick to alert the media to Emily’s accomplishment.

“I got on to the papers straight away as I know that they love all that shit. I was offered £10 to sell my story to the largest Welsh media outlet out there. I was a bit disappointed though as they brought up my backstory of when I was in prison for selling drugs to pensioners in my local old people’s home. Still. We had the right amount of pasta for tea and that’s the main thing.”

Emily is now hoping to correctly cook the right amount of rice for tomorrow’s tea.

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