Newport woman swamped by plastic shopping bags after opening kitchen cupboard

A Newport woman has been rushed to hospital after being swamped by plastic shopping bags when she opened one of her kitchen cupboards.

Sheila Shortleg was preparing to visit her local Kwik Save store when the accident happened. She told WalesOnCraic:

“I always forget to take the frigging things and I always end up paying about £2 just in carrier bag charges. I was so pleased with myself that I’d remembered to take them before I left the house. I was so happy in fact, that I was singing ‘Zippity Doo Dah’ to myself when I opened my cupboard drawer where I keep them. Serves me right for being so happy – the whole friggin lot came tumbling out, sweeping me off my feet and taking me to the floor. I couldn’t breathe. Thankfully, Joan my next door neighbour popped her head around the back door because she was returning the dildo I’d lent her. She was able to call an ambulance and they got me out.”

Welsh supermarkets have been charging 5p per plastic bag in an attempt to reduce the number of plastic bags that shoppers use. So far, Wales has seen a 200% reduction in the use of new plastic bags, creating a huge rise in unemployment as plastic bag makers have been forced into bankruptcy.

Sheila is hoping to make a full recovery. Her shopping trip was undertaken by her friend Joan.

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