“My house looks dull as shit”: South Wales woman comes to terms with taking her Christmas trimmings down

A South Wales woman has been admitted to rehab following her decision to take down her Christmas decorations.

Dilys Sinkwater took down her trees and other trimmings yesterday afternoon while watching Songs of Praise. But her de-Christmasisation has left her with feelings of emptiness and sadness. She has since taken lots of pills to make herself feel better.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“My living room looks dull as shit. I’m really missing the twinkling lights and my big fuck-off reindeer. Things really aren’t the same. I tried phoning the Samaritans but they told me to piss off and get a life.”

Dilys eventually called an ambulance who also told her to piss off. Eventually, Dilys phoned a local rehab centre and has spent several hours talking to the cleaner about her woes.

She added:

“I’m not sure I can wait another 11 months before I can put them all up again. This is sheer hell.”

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