Move Over Oscars: It’s Time For The Welsh ‘Grannies’

The musical fanfare, the celebrity red carpet and the bright shiny stars have all departed the Staples Centre Los Angeles and the 57th 2015 Annual Grammy Awards, where winners celebrated, losers commiserated and Kanye West protested…again. Well Beck winning best album, he might have a point?

We all watched in glittering awe as Swift continued her world domination of the Twitter generation and Spotify self-imposed exile; we sat confused drooling, and inwardly struggled with Cyrus’s juxtaposition of boyish good looks and a red dress that came with a “look for too long and you’ll go blind” health warning (I got away with it because my glasses steamed up after five minutes); and we speculated at Sia’s continued concealment of her face – is she blessed with a profile that only a Mam could love? Has she been rejected by Simon Cowell on multiple occasions on multiple talent show formats and feels the need to hide her identity to succeed? Does she have an ongoing wager with Lady GaGa on who can be the most coveted performer on the red carpet? Actually it’s none of those; she’s a very successful 39 year old Aussie singer songwriter from Adelaide adding some intrigue and entertainment to the tired Grammys format and wanted her music and performance to come before her appearance.

So what next for award shows?

The Baftas – London, England – already been and gone.
The Oscars – it’s American – who honestly cares.
The Grannys – A new Welsh alternative we can all invest our time, emotion and support in.

Imagine all of our Welsh musical heroes under one roof, at one time. Their single purpose – not to compare knighthoods and damehoods; not to retrace old school bus routes or look up ancient flames (Google Maps and Facebook does that very well); and most certainly not to ruin their enriched, international palettes with our local fare.


Our goal is to remind the world that Wales is still the land of song. That sheep graze along the heads of the Valleys baa’ing joyously in the note of C; that male voice choirs are as abundant in the villages today as they were in all of those old black and white photos that your Mam has in her knicker drawer; that even though Woolworths is gone, the pic-n-mix is no more, and 7” singles have been replaced with an online digital streaming format at 192kbs, we still love Welsh music in our homes and our cars, especially when stuck on the M4 because of that experimental junction closure at Port Talbot!

Coming soon to Treforest Working Man’s Club*, (where the host of our evening Sir Tom Jones began his singing career), The Grannys 2015 inaugural Welsh awards show.

Join Bonnie Tyler, Dame Shirley Bassey, Mary Hopkin and Katheryn Jenkin’s grandmother as we celebrate, reminisce and reward our Welsh Singing Grannies (trademark applied for) with the very first Granny awards ceremony; a tin mounted polished lump of coal once mined in the area will be presented to our winners. You can get your very own Granny souvenir after the show on limited release from The Grogg Shop just down the road.

Limited car parking will be available and Treforest train station’s last train to Cardiff will be at 9.30pm. Our final and most anticipated award of the evening will be presented at 9:45pm after which the finale song will be performed by all of our Grannie winners and losers (they are all under contract and have an obligation to perform regardless of result). The bar will then reopen.

Ticket prices and further details available soon.
* Treforest Working Man’s Club is currently undergoing a refurbishment due to Bassey’s dressing room requirements (she positively will not share with that raspy throated girl from Skewen).

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