Man wipes arse with Parking Eye notice reminder

A man from Cardiff has wiped his arsehole with a letter from Parking Eye.

Terry Wondermuff received the letter from the company after accidentally parking in an erogenous zone.

Terry told WalesOnCraic:

“I had no idea I’d parked in the wrong place. I only popped in to pick up some medication for my elderly mother and within 3 days, these people had sent me a letter demanding I pay them some money. I ignored it so they sent me a letter asking for more money. I thought I’d phone them to tell them to bugger off but then I realised that there was no telephone number to call. So I ignored them some more. Needless to say, another letter came a few days later, asking for more money. So I thought I’d write to them. But then I realised that they didn’t have an address. In the end, I wiped my arse with the notice reminder and invited the local press to come around and publish my story.”

Mr Wondermuff’s fine is still outstanding.

“It’s up to £34,034 at the moment. I’m hoping to set up a crowdfunding thing, whatever that is.”

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