Man wins road rage incident by out-tooting other motorist

A man has won a road rage incident by managing to out-toot another motorist.

Jeffery Hardcake nearly collided with another motorist while dropping his fat wife off to Dominos Pizza. The two had a toot-off, in which Mr Hardcake was last to toot, therefore handing him victory.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I was dropping my fat missis off to get a pizza when this loon came flying around the corner and nearly taking my wing mirror off. I tooted my horn to show him how angry I was and he tooted back. I wasn’t having any of that so I tooted back at him and he tooted back at me. I then tooted at him and he tooted back again. I was so angry that I tooted once more, thinking he’d not toot back but he tooted back. I then tooted once more, really long, and he drove off and I won.”

His fat wife said:

“What? No I didn’t know. I was too busy inside Dominos getting myself a pizza for lunch. They keep sending me texts offering me cheap pizza so I keep going back in and getting some more.”

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