Man who was sent to prison for not paying TV licence watches TV in prison

A Merthyr man who was sent to prison for not paying his TV Licence now watches TV in prison.

Dennis Widearse, who hasn’t paid any TV Licence since 1988, was sent to prison in May. He now watches as much TV as he wants without fear of a Transit van coming snooping around.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I love it here. I can watch as much telly as I want. I don’t even have to leave the room to go to the toilet – I just simply drop my guts in the corner of the room. I much prefer it here to watching telly at home because I don’t have to lift my feet off the floor so my wife can do the hoover. Here, I can just lie on my bed all day and watch all my favourite shows – David Dickenson, The Chase, and Eggheads. Things have worked out very well for me indeed.”

Dennis’s wife Sheila added:

“Glad to see the back of the lazy bastard. I’ve signed up online to Plenty of Fish to find myself a desperate munter who’ll nail me.”

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