New Series Of Rentaghost To Be Filmed In Bedlinog

A new series of Rentaghost is to be filmed in Bedlinog.

The hit kids’ show from the 80s will do away with Timothy Claypole and Nadia Popov. New characters, including ‘Three-Eyed-Betty’ and ‘Mer-man – the Web-Fingered Freak’ will be introduced to make the series more politically correct.

TV boss Jim BoggleEyes told WalesOnCraic:

“Oh dahling, we thought we’d do away with all the stereotyped nonsense of the 1980s so we’re introducing some real life characters. It’ll be a bit like Benefit Street crossed with Big Brother crossed with The Chase crossed with that film with Steve McQueen in. I can’t wait to get shooting – and by shooting, I don’t mean Class A drugs – good lord no! I mean, getting this shit down on film. Now who moved my bong?”

The series is set to start filming in October. Former star of the show, Dobbin the Pantomime Horse told WalesOnCraic:

“It’s nice to see the show back again but if they fuck it up, I’ll be round there to kick off.”

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