Man Surprises Wife For Birthday By Washing Saucepan That’s Been ‘Soaking’ On Draining Board For Two Months

A Brecon man has given his wife the best birthday present she could ever wish for by washing a dirty saucepan that’s been sat ‘soaking’ on the draining board for the last two months.

Tony LardArse had been promising to wash the saucepan since he made a casserole back in January. But to his wife’s surprise, he waited until her 43rd birthday to reveal that he’d actually washed it.

Wife Diane told WalesOnCraic:

“He really is the best husband ever. It’s like a dream come true this. I can’t wait to get down the pub tonight and tell all my friends what he’s done for me. They’ll be well jel.”

Husband Tony played down the gift.

“It was nothing really. The saucepan needed to soak to make it easier to wash. If I hadn’t left it there for two months, it would have been really hard to clean. Between you and me, I didn’t actually wash it – I went down Kwik Save and bought a new one. I really couldn’t be arsed to clean it. But don’t tell the wife that – she thinks I’m chocolate. “

Diane is now hoping to celebrate her big day with another casserole.

“Tony said he’s going to make me another casserole for tea tonight so I’m looking forward to having that. I love him. He’s amazing.”

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