Man fights off evil virus by staying alert


A man from Swansea has managed to fend off COVID19 by staying very alert.

Factory worker Darren Grimes managed to fight off several viruses over the last few weeks, just by staying alert.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve never been so alert in all my lift. I’ve been very alert on all my shifts since the lockdown and I’ve also been very alert on public transport. My told me, he said ‘Stay Alert Daz or that virus is going to get you’. So I’ve stayed very alert, alert at all times and so far, so good. That’s the thing with viruses- they don’t go after people who are alert. They only go after those people who aren’t alert. I think that’s why it hasn’t got me yet. If anyone was to enter a competition for being the most alert, I’d be in the final few. That’s how alert I am.”

Darren says he’s also hoping to fight off the threat of redundancy just by staying alert.

“Staying alert is what’s got me through this. I am alert.”

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