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London Zoo gorilla: “I was only popping out for some Marmite, guv”

The gorilla who escaped from London Zoo earlier today has told WalesOnCraic that he was just ‘popping out for some Marmite’.

Kumbuka the Gorilla had heard about the shortage in Tesco and headed to his nearest branch to stock up.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I loves my Marmite me and when I ‘eard that there was a shortage, I fort to myself that I had to get my leathery hands on some before they ran out. I nicked a key from the pocket of the zoo keeper and just let myself ‘art. I got as far as the entrance to the zoo before I got shot in the arsehole by some arsehole with a gun.”

Zookeepers keep the wild animal locked up to show human beings what a gorilla looks like.

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