Kim Jong Un Admits Sony Hack After Hearing Twin Town Sequel Plans Shelved

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has admitted recently hacking into Sony servers after hearing that there was no plans for a sequel to the cult Welsh film Twin Town. He contacted Sony and demanded they make a sequel with him in the leading role as Dai Jong Un.

Sources close to Kim Jong Un have revealed that the North Korean leader ‘loves a bit of Twin Town’ and watches it at least once a week. He has also recently made it law in North Korea that if something is broken or not working, it must be referred to as ‘Fatty’s leg’ and all North Koreans must have hot dogs for tea every night.

When told that Sony was not the production company responsible for making Twin Town, Kim Jong Un told the press:

“I don’t care. They were the easiest to hack into. I just wanted to get my point across.”

He has demanded a joint investigation with Sony into why there has been no Twin Town sequel and has already written a script for his parts.

Rhys Ifans said. “I wouldn’t mind the joint, but I am not interested in the investigation.” Probably, although he probably didn’t say that.

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