Vincent Tan Tells Cardiff City Supporters: “You Want to Play in Blue? Fine. You’ll Play as F*cking Smurfs”

Vincent Tan is set to tell Cardiff City supporters that their team will be playing dressed as smurfs from next season.

Calls have been voiced by many fans who want to see the team return to their traditional blue colours.

It appears that Vincent Tan has over-reacted to the pressure to make a point. He told the press at a meeting tonight:

“You want them to play in blue? They’ll play in blue. They play as fucking smurfs.” before storming out.

Fans are jubilant that their team will be returning to their blue ways. Fan Mike Toad told WalesOnCraic:

“I can’t wait. Blue is our lucky colour – we beat Barry Town in the Welsh Cup once when we played in blue. I’m off down to Kwik Save to get myself a smurf outfit.”

But other fans were disappointed. Terry Gunt said:

“I couldn’t give a shit what colour they play in, as long as they win. Sadly, that’s not been the case lately so I’d rather we spent time and money on getting some proper players in instead of splashing out on smurf shit.”

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