John Inverdale pledges to remind viewers that England won the 2020 Six Nations every five minutes

Sports commentator has pledged to remind viewers of this year’s Six Nations that England are the current tournament champions.

Inverdale said that he will drop reminders in every five minutes, even on days when England aren’t playing.

A spokesman for Mr Inverdale said:

“Mr England-dale is a very passionate England supporter and a very proud wearer of the Red Rose. He was thrilled when England won the tournament last year and would like to remind viewers that the Saes are the current reigning champions. To this end, John would like to make sure that every viewer watching knows that England won the trophy last year, and that they won the Rugby World Cup in 2003. Furthermore, he is also at liberty to mention the 1966 World Cup soccer win when necessary.”

Former England coach Clive Woodward is expected to back up the reminders when he undertaking his punditry. Jeremy Guscott is also on standby and former Welsh fly-half Jonathan Davies is rumoured to be practising his catchphrase of ‘inside shoulder’ in preparation for this year’s tournament.

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