Huge search off Welsh coast for British summer continues overnight

A large-scale search has been launched off the coast of Wales to look for the missing summer weather.

Boats, helicopters and even a man in a boat with a pair of binoculars were seen heading out to sea off Cardigan this afternoon.

A coastguard told WalesOnCraic:

“We had them all here. They all had some tea together and then they all went out looking for our summer. It was like that scene off of Jaws where they all go out looking for the big man. They weren’t out that long because it got a bit dark and some of the lads get a bit scared of the dark but we’ve got a few brave souls who’ll be out looking for the sun all night. Hopefully they’ll find it before daybreak.”

The UK has been sweating its bollocks off for months and months now but rain rudely moved in today (Sunday) which annoyed those who were hoping to have a barbeque.

“I’ve been waiting all summer for my dickhead husband to put the barbecue together and the day he finally does something about it, it pisses down,” said one angry wife.

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