Welsh men to receive free hearing aids to help them listen properly


The Welsh government is to hand out free hearing aids to all men to help them listen properly.

As it currently stands, lads say that they’re listening but secretly, they’re not.

The Welsh governments’s Gavin Twoporches told WalesOnCraic:

“I was nagging my husband to do something about our shed last night. He was looking me right in the eye and nodding in agreement. When I asked him what I’d just said, he couldn’t tell me anything. I think this kind of problem is not just confined to my shitty house. I’ve got friends all over Wales whose men just don’t listen. Lads have become very sneaky in pretending that they’re listening when they’re not. The Welsh government is therefore committed to giving all men a hearing aid so that they can actually listen to what we’re saying.”

One man said:

“When you go on and on and on about the same thing, we tend to switch off. In our minds, we tend to think about other things instead while all the while, keeping up a pretence that we are in fact listening.”

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