Great British Bake Off – Last Week’s Best Bits

To get you excited in time for this week’s Bake off, here’s a look back at everything of note from last week’s episode:

Welsh Woman Makes a cake that looks a bit like Zippy

A hairdresser from Cardiff made a cake that looked a bit like Zippy. Despite being a different colour, not having a zip for a mouth, blue eyes or a best friend called Bungle, this lemon drizzle cake set Twitter ablaze by slightly resembling a character from 90’s children TV.

Several People have no idea what a Jaffa Cake looks like

Despite getting through to a competition as one of the best amateur bakers in the UK, at least four of the contestants had no idea what a Jaffa cake looked like. With some people putting the cake upside down and others not covering it in chocolate. Admittedly, when they’re 50p for a pack of ten from Lidl, no one has actually made a Jaffa Cake in about 30 years.

Paul Hollywood dunks a Jaffa Cake

Prior to the debacle where no one knew what a Jaffa Cake looked like, Professional dough beater Paul Hollywood dunked one in a cup of tea. This was met once again by a Twitter outrage and also a stern look from Mary east-end-thug Berry.

Well-to-do pastor leaves after being generally rubbish

A man called Lee, who seemed to know nothing about baking, was the first person to leave the competition. Mary Berry commented on how sad it was he was going before taking him round the back of the tent and putting two shotgun shells in the back of his head.

This week the contestants will be making biscuits, something Hollywood can comfortably dunk in his tea without threat of knee-capping.

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