The real purpose of the wasp in nature is just to be an annoying bastard

A Welsh scientist has claimed that the real purpose of the wasp in nature is to be an annoying bastard.

Prof. Kevin CleverClogs claims that God was feeling mischievous when he created the winged insect.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“As far as we can figure things out, we think that God wasn’t having a very good day when he created wasps. Records show that he’d created bees the day before and that was fine because they help pollinate flowers and shit and make lots of honey for us humans. When he got to wasps, he must have had some kind of mental block so he used the same basic design of the bee but really couldn’t be arsed to give it a real purpose. We can prove that he just made them for the sake of it and then though that he’d turn them into annoying bastards, just to annoy humans who are obviously the most important animals on earth. To this day, wasps carry out their purpose to great effect.”

One WalesOnCraic reader said:

“I had a wasp come flying into my house via the tiniest of cracks. I opened all the doors and windows so that the bastard could fly out but he was so dull that he just kept crashing into walls and windows. In the end, I smacked him with my slipper and that was that.”

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