Flying ants preparing to piss people right off


Flying ants across Wales are preparing to piss people off as temperatures rise across the nation.

The ants said that they have been waiting for the nice weather to come along to ruin people’s barbeques and outdoor drinking sessions.

One of the flying ants, who didn’t want to be identified, told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve been waiting a whole year to pop out of the ground and piss people off. And boy how things have changed. We’re not going to bother with that social distancing lark – it all seems a bit pointless when we’re only there to piss people off. There’s going to be millions of us popping up and shagging mid-air this year. We thought we’d do things properly. And now that the sun’s out and people are sitting and eating outside, our time has come.”

The police have warned people not to approach the ants as they could be armed and dangerous.

“I went to punch an ant in the face once and I missed and he twatted me over the head with his knuckle dusters.”

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