FINALLY REVEALED: Why Cornflakes magically appear in the corner of your kitchen

The reason why cornflakes magically appear in the corner of your kitchen floor has been exclusively revealed by a top Welsh scientist – and the culprit is a lot closer to home than you think.

Prof. Steffan Tefalhead and his team placed CCTV cameras around 1,000 kitchens across Wales and was disturbed by his findings.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“It seems that these cornflakes are DELIBERATELY put there by the head female of the household. Typically, this occurred after the head female had requested that the head male of the house did the hoover while she was out. Subjects typically placed a handful of cornflakes in the corners of their kitchens before heading out down to Kwik Save. While they would be out shopping, it would be up to the male to hoover the house. Upon return of the female, she would then inspect the kitchen to see if the male ‘had done a thorough job by going to the edges’. In some cases, the male would plug the hoover in and leave it plugged in for the female’s return. This was to convince the female that he had indeed done the hoover. However, the males were caught out if the cornflakes remained in the kitchen.”

Tefalhead’s study also showed a startling degree of aggression in females if the cornflakes remained. He added:

“In most cases, the female subjects would go into the kitchen, pick up a frying pan and twat the male across the head as he sat on the sofa.”

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